We are a grassroots human rights organization dedicated to supporting the social justice movements in Latin America and the Caribbean,
along with educating North Americans about the realities of the Americas and the role the US plays there.
Founded in 1985, we are also known as the Marin Interfaith Task Force on the Americas (MITF).

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Letter to the people of the United States: Venezuela is not a threat "... In the name of our long-term friendship we alert our American brothers and sisters, lovers of justice and freedom, of the illegal aggression committed by your government on your behalf. We will not allow our friendship with the people of the United States to be affected by this senseless and groundless decision by President Obama. ..." Paid advertisement by the Venezuelan government in the New York Times, March 17, 2015

Recent news

The Legacy of Hugo Chavez By Roger D. Harris, March 2, 2015

What is Behind the Coup Attempt in Venezuela?
Just like in the US, it's illegal for organizations engaged in political activity to receive funding from foreign governments, yet the US continues to violate this law in Venezuela, as do the entities receiving the funding. By Eva Golinger, February 17, 2015

National Call for Local Actions on Anniversary of Hugo Chavez's Death The Venezuela Strategy Group, a coalition of grassroots solidarity organizations, Venezuelans in the US, and Venezuela experts, encourages local activists to plan actions during March 5-8, 2015, to remember Chavez's legacy and to condemn US efforts to topple the democratically elected government of President Nicolás Maduro.

We can provide your local event with a handout highlighting the advances of the Bolivarian Revolution under Hugo Chavez's leadership and talking points to use with the press and elected officials. If you are planning an event, please send details to the Venezuela Strategy Group in care of the Alliance for Global Justice to Chuck@AFGJ.org. Include whether you would like a printable handout on Chavez's legacy and our Talking Points.

Begin today to plan an educational event, a march or rally, or whatever would be most effective in your community to commemorate the legacy of Hugo Chavez and to tell the US government, "Hands off Venezuela." 

Honduras Solidarity Network Statement on the "Alliance for Prosperity"  Honduras Solidarity Network, February 12, 2015

Debunking the myths about immigration Ronald Reagan, Central America, and everything Ted Cruz doesn't understand.
If we want to understand the immigration crisis, we need to revisit Reagan and the violence we brought the region.
By A.W. Gaffney, physician and writer


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